San Francisco Social Events


Our San Francisco hostel has no shortage of activities, Pub Crawls and Social meetups here that will help you get to know some fellow travelers, while experiencing the local flavor at the same time! For some of our nightly events, we head out and mingle with Locals, Students, Au Pairs,  and International Travelers from around San Francisco!

Events Summary

Monday: Discounted Drinks and Weed Delivery

Social Hour in our Ballroom including the above.

Tuesday: $5 Dinner and $3 Beer and Wine

Eat at a local restaurant on a budget.

Wednesday: Rock Paper Scissors and Pubs

A Tournament around North beaches Best Pubs

Thursday: Curry and Comedy Show

Grab some Dinner and Enjoy a fun filled night of laughs

Friday: Beer Olympics

Beer Games Galore in the the bar downstairs

Sunday: Murder Mystery Pub Crawl

Multiple Restaurants combined with Mystery Fun.