Green Tortoise Au Pair &

Female Traveler Connection:

Free Dinner, BYOB, Beer/Wine/Spirit

Olympics (FRIDAYS at 7PM)


***READ AND FOLLOW ALL the RSVP instructions BELOW

or you will NOT be allowed in the building***

Mix and Mingle with other international female travelers & au pairs. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have a free, vegetarian group dinner for all hostel guests. We have temporarily decided to open this event up on Friday night to all international female travelers in SF in an effort to connect solo female travelers with one another. Join us in our safe, fun international living room space where you are welcome to bring your own drinks. Enjoy a home-cooked vegetarian meal in our San Francisco hostel where you can connect with like-minded, international female travelers & au pairs.


Afterwards, join a wide range of other international travelers as everyone from the hostel heads to the bar downstairs at 9PM to compete for their country at the SF Beer/Wine/Spirit Olympics. At 8:55PM, we will organize teams before heading to the bar. 

And yes, this is an event for INTERNATIONAL FEMALES ONLY. All others are welcome to join us at Horizon Bar at 9PM, which is below the hostel (Horizon doors open at 9PM - enter Horizon THROUGH Score Bar at 490 Broadway St. since Horizon is closed except when SFHostelParty's SF Beer/Wine/Spirit PopUp event is happening.) Beer/Wine/Spirit Olympics info at:


General info about the hostel:

You must check in with the event host at 7PM SHARP. We'll have a designated space allocated for the group to meet new travel buddies and connect with new international friends. 


7PM SHARP: Meet out front of 494 Broadway St. for event check in. The international living room used for this event is a private space and there are strict rules for entry so please be sure to arrive on time or you will not be able to enter the building.

Latecomers are welcome to meet us at Horizon Bar at 9PM as described above.

7-7:15PM: Meet & Greet.

7-8PM: Free dinner buffet for the group and all hostel guests. Enjoy garden salad, vegetarian pasta with marinara sauce/mushrooms, garlic bread and pastries for dessert. Feel free to bring your own wine, beer, drinks, etc.


8:55PM: Organize teams before heading out to the bar downstairs at 9PM to compete for your country at the SF Beer/Wine/Spirit Olympics. (You do not need to drink to play in the games - the point of the event is to meet international travelers & locals as you rotate around and the room and compete in games of skill).


The private hostel dinner event is all ages and is a connection/networking event for international female travelers only. Be sure to bring an International ID (ie: a passport or driver's license that is NOT from the USA) to attend. You MUST register in advance and bring your CONFIRMATION EMAIL - as you will need to check in at 7PM SHARP in order to be allowed into the building. 


1. You must first RSVP on FACEBOOK:

2. Next, you must fill out this quick RSVP form to receive your EMAIL CONFIRMATION:

(Be sure to bring your email confirmation with you to the event).

We look forward to meeting you!